Dip-stick Fluid Service Equipment

Dip-Stick Fluid Service

  • Product ID:
    EDS-1 #1000-0075
  • Heavy Duty HDPE cabinet with built in handle, locking front casters and large 8 inch rear wheels.
  • 110vac powered, 22 ft. power cord, converted to 12vdc. 
  • 4 ft. service hoses - .315”, .250” and .187” od’s.
  • Two – 2 gallon easy fill new fluid tanks, top filled, screened and capped for oils or trans fluids – do not mix different fluids in tanks. 
  • New Fluid Tanks are front visible and marked in quart increments
  • Separate 1 GPM fill pumps for each new fluid tank
  • 1/2 GPM rated Vacuum pump
  • Control Valve for separate vacuuming and filling to prevent commingling of fluids during service
  • Two - 2 1⁄2 Gal. Waste Tanks – 1 in top tray for monitoring amounts vacuumed and a spare in the back receptacle of the cabinet