Brake Flush

EB-20 #1000-0020 Brake Fluid Service Specifications


  • Self-contained brake fluid extraction, flush, change and bleed equipment
  • Computer controlled through a touch pad system and LCD screen
  • 110 vac powered, switch and fuse protected, converted to 12 vdc foroperation of all internal parts
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ET-1 #1000-0080 Transmission Fluid Service Specifications


  • 120 vac fused power converted to 12 vdc eliminatesinconsistent battery voltage and sparking problems
  • Automatic operation, simple push button controls
  • ET-1 service modes – cooler line, fixed amount dipstick
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EC-1 #1000-0070- Coolant Service Specifications


  • A self-contained coolant extraction, flush and changeservice equipment – reverse flow
  • Adapter set covers 99% of vehicles
  • 110 vac powered, fuse protected, converted to 12 vdc operation
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Power Steering

EPG-1 #1000-0060 Power Steering & Gear Oil Service


  • A self-contained power steering and gear oil service equipment
  • Both 110vac fused power converted to 12vdc operationor 12vdc battery power available
  • 22ft. Heavy Duty – 110vac power cable with holderattached to the cabinet
  • Download Spec Sheet

Dip Stick

EDS-1 #1000-0075 Dip Stick Fluid Exchange Equipment Specifications


  • Heavy duty HDPE cabinet with a built in handle,locking front swivel wheels and large 8” rear wheels
  • 110 vac fused power, switch and fused protectedconverted to 12 vdc for operation
  • Heavy Duty 22 ft. power cord with holder
  • Download Spec Sheet